Spraytech has a comprehensive range of Cleaning nozzle-related products that are designed to effectively wash any product or machine. There are a variety of industrial spray nozzle options available that can be used for many purposes. Visit our spray nozzles page to get the full range of spray nozzles.

Having the correct spray equipment for Cleaning is essential for the following industries:

  • General Industrial Practices
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Automotive

Our Range of Cleaning Nozzles

Flat Spray Tip C1

Our Flat Spray Tip C1 comes in stainless steel, brass and plastic. They have spray angles from 0°- 15°- 25°- 40°- 50°- 65°-80°- 95° -110°. Their particular shape facilitates the ease to set jet orientation and the droplets produced have small to medium dimensions making it a suitable product for maximum coverage for a variety of cleaning applications.

spraytech flat spray nozzle tip c1

Stainless Steel C1 Flat Spray Nozzle Tip

  1. Nozzle Chart

    spraytech flat spray nozzle tip c1 table

High Pressure Flat Spray Nozzles

Our High Pressure Flat Spray Nozzles are designed to operate at high pressure due to a special hardening treatment. In addition to this, the nozzle’s orifice is recessed to further ensure durability and produces flow rates from 5.3 L/min to 215 L/min at up to 250 bar of operating pressure. Furthermore, these nozzles have spray angles of 0° – 15°, 25°, 40°, 50° and 65° making it suitable for a variety of stripping and spray aeration applications.


spraytech pressure flat spray nozzle hp

Stainless Steel High Pressure Flat Spray Nozzle Type HP

  1. Nozzle Chart

    spraytech high pressure flat spray nozzles hp table

Check out some more of our Cleaning spray equipment below:

Why Buy Our Spraytech Nozzles?

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Every nozzle application is different. We offer advice on the best nozzle systems for a variety of applications, the quantity needed and the procedural steps to install them that will help streamline our client’s operational processes and improve overall efficiency.

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We take pride in the quality of equipment we provide and have been supplying outstanding products across both Australia and overseas for over two decades to an ever-expanding range of clients.

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At Spraytech we have our own range of quality nozzles and we are also the exclusive Australia/Pacific distributor of Euspray products, providing nozzle systems for just about any industry application. These nozzles are made with materials of the highest quality, including stainless steel, brass, plastic, ceramic and sapphire.


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