Air Atomising Nozzles

At Spraytech Systems, our air atomising nozzles use compressed air to generate the spray pattern of a fluid. This includes fine fluids like alcohol based odorants up to viscous fluids like grease, glues and even chocolate. We draw on our experience in the nozzle industry to provide professional support and advice when using this equipment.

Air atomising nozzles spraying low viscosity liquids through a fine air atomising setup can be used for humidification or deodorising by generating the finest droplets. Larger setups are used for highly effective mitigation of airborne dust. Using the largest air atomising assemblies, the compressed air will carry heavier, more viscous fluids such as glues to a cardboard box or grease on to a crown wheel and pinion set. With the right selection of air atomising nozzles, we can even spray chocolate on to an ice cream cone.