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Fire Protection Nozzles

water spray fire extinguisher system in tunnel

Our Range of Fire Protection Nozzles

Full Cone Nozzles

Our Full Cone Nozzles deliver high performance spray distribution in a concentrated circular-shaped formation. It can be operated under a variety of pressures and flow rates that give operators precise control. In addition, these full cone nozzles are designed to have unobstructed flow passages that ensures minimal clogging, reducing maintenances time and cost. At Spraytech we offer a variety of full cone nozzles from Full Cone Type B1 that produces uniform full cone spray patterns to Narrow Full Cone Injector Nozzles that produces concentrated cone spray pattern.

Spraytech Stainless Steel Wide Full Cone Nozzle B2
Stainless Steel Wide Full Cone Nozzle B2

Multi-Head Mist Nozzles

Our Multi-Head Misting Nozzles are designed with 7 threaded sockets fed from a gallery in the main body producing spray patterns that cover a very wide arc. At Spraytech these nozzles are available in 3 different sizes – ¾”, 1” or 1 ½” BSPF with flow rates that range from 3.1 L/min to 350 L/min and operating pressures from 1 to 10 Bar. This means you will be able to find the right multi-head misting nozzle for a variety of fire protection applications.

spraytech brass multi head mist nozzle
Brass Multi-Head Misting Spray Nozzle - Type 7B

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