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Cooling Nozzles

exterior of cooling piping system

Our Range of Cooling Nozzles

Fogging Nozzles

Our Fogging Nozzles are designed to produce mist with low impact with a variety of spray patterns. The water mist and fog nozzle contains nominal flow rates of 19, 27 and 38 litres per minute at a 3 Bar pressure. Their flow rate and droplet size can be only be modified by adjusting the pressure, making them suitable for a variety of applications – including cooling systems.

spraytech stainless steel fogging nozzle
Stainless Steel Fogging Nozzle - Type FG

Air & Steam Tips

Our Air and Steam Tips are designed to ensure continuous air stream for a variety of cooling system-related applications. At Sprayetch our air and steam tips products include the CD3 flat spray nozzles and C5 spray nozzles tips, both of which are available in either brass or stainless steel (AISI Grade 303 or AISI Grade 316). To ensure a uniform spray distribution for your cooling system applications, both the CD3 flat spray nozzles and the C5 spray nozzle tips produce a flat jet spay that uses either an elliptic orifice or surface defection.

Spraytech Air & Steam Stainless Steel Flat Spray CD3 Nozzle and Brass C5 Nozzle Tips
Air & Steam Stainless Steel Flat Spray CD3 Nozzle and Brass C5 Nozzle Tips

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