Low Capacity Flat Spray Nozzles – Type C2



About Spraytech’s Low Capacity Flat Spray Nozzle:

Low Capacity Flat Spray Nozzle Type C2 is a one piece, low capacity flat spray nozzle with an internal thread for an optional internal filter – the M7 plastic filter for the 1/8 nozzle, or a brass or stainless steel filter for the 1/4 nozzle. A full range of spray angles is available.

How to order:

To order, please specify thread size, model, capacity code or flow rate and operating pressure, spray angle, material and whether the filter is required – e.g. 1/4 MC2-015/110, SS with filter


Low Capacity Flat Spray Nozzle Applications:

  • Cleaning machines for carpets and furniture
  • Cooling
  • Lubricants
  • Surface treatments

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Low Capacity Flat Spray Nozzle Type C2 Chart