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Washing Nozzles

Our Range of Washing Nozzles

Plastic Flood (Cobra Head) Nozzles

Our Plastic Flood (Cobra Head) Nozzles come in a range of sizes and flow rates. They are made from polyurethane plastic and are designed to handle large volumes of water with low operating pressures. Our Plastic Flood Nozzles are also colour coded for each size available.

spraytech plastic flood cobra head nozzle colour size
Red Plastic Flood (Cobra Head) Nozzles

Spiral (Pig Tail) Nozzles

Our Spiral (Pig Tail) Nozzles produce wider spray coverage than most other types of full cone spray nozzles, even when used with low water pressures. The water is deflected onto a spiral-shaped surface that creates multiple hollow cone spray patterns, meaning wide coverage. In addition, these spiral nozzles are designed in one-piece with no internal vane, which ensures a high flow capacity with no clogging issues. This makes this nozzle the perfect product for any washing applications with minimum maintenance and a long operating life. This nozzle comes in 60°, 90°, 120°, 150° and 170° spray angles.

spraytech brass spiral pig tail nozzle
Brass Spiral (Pig Tail) Nozzles - Type B9S

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