Plastic Flood Nozzles



About Spraytech’s Plastic Flood Nozzles:

Plastic Flood Nozzles come in a range of sizes and flow rates, and are extremely tough and durable. Also known as cobra head or duck foot nozzles, our plastic flood nozzles are made from strong polyurethane plastic, feature a ¾” BSP male head, and are colour coded to make it simpler to select the correct size.

The wide spray angle also makes these plastic flood nozzles ideal for achieving high volume flow rates with low operating pressures – perfect for wetting and washing screens and conveyors and the materials on them.

How to order:

The nozzles are also colour coded to clearly show the different sizes:

  • PD3 WHITE – 3 mm
  • PD5 GREEN – 5 mm
  • PD7 BLUE – 7mm
  • PD9 YELLOW – 9mm
  • PD11 RED – 11 mm
  • PD13 TAN – 13 mm
  • PD16 BLACK – 16mm


Plastic Flood Nozzles Spray Application:

These nozzles are designed for use in mining or other industries where high volumes of water are required to be delivered quickly. Our Plastic Flood Nozzles have wide angle flat fans to achieve a broad spray pattern, making them ideal for screen washing or other ore washing applications.

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Plastic Flood Nozzle Chart