Needle Jet Nozzles – Type C9



About Spraytech’s Type C9 Needle Jet Nozzles:

Spraytech Systems‘s C9 Needle Jet Nozzles are recommended for use in shower pipes with internal cleaning brushes, or when the space is limited. Standard material is AISI Stainless Steel 303, thread size 1/4″, 9/14″. Operating Pressure 3.0 to 20.0 Bar; flow rate 0.75 to 9.42 L/ minute.


Type C9 Needle Jet Nozzles Spray Applications:

Particularly effective in shower pipes with internal cleaning brushes, needle jet nozzles spray a solid stream of high pressure water that cleans the interior walls of the pipes and then flushes out the debris. These threaded spray nozzles are ideal for use not only in the paper and pulp industries, but anywhere where high pressure cleaning is required.

  • Paper mills
  • Roll filters

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Nozzle Type C9 Chart