Disc Nozzles – Type C7



About Spraytech’s Type C7E & C7S Disc Nozzles:

Our Type C7E & C7S Disc Nozzles are designed so that they easily align with a shower pipe’s spray planes and are low profile ensuring they can be easily removed for cleaning. They are configured to provide either a solid stream spray or a flat spray with a 60° spray angle. Used in the paper and pulp industries, along with a range of other sectors.

Also available as a Solid Stream with a Ceramic Insert – Type C7C

How to order:

To order, please specify nozzle code and size, and spray angle – e.g. C7E – 2.5/60.


Type C7E & C7S Disc Nozzle Applications:

Designed with a reference notch to lock in the alignment of the spray pattern positioning during assembly and maintenance on the spray showers. 

  • Pulp & paper brush showers

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Disc Nozzle Type C7E & C7S Chart



Disc Nozzle Type C7C Chart