Ceramic Flat Spray Jet Nozzles – Type VNP



About Spraytech’s Type VNP Ceramic Spray Nozzles:

The design of the Type VNP Ceramic Nozzle jet reduces turbulence and allows the most effective spray pattern at operating pressures of up to 150 Bar (15MPa). Thread size is 1/8″ BSP male (1/4″ BSP available on request); the nozzle body is 303SS.

How to order:

To order, please specify pipe connection size, nozzle series, spray angle, spray capacity code, material – e.g. 1/8VNP1568S303


Ceramic Spray Nozzle Applications:

  • High pressure jet cleaning
  • Cleaning wire and felt parts of paper making machines
  • Cleaning vehicles, machinery, parts etc
  • Trimming in paper making machinery
  • Fibre cement board trimming

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Ceramic Flat Spray Type VNP Nozzle Chart