Flat Spray Wide CD3 and Deflected Spray DH

Spraytech Systems are specialists in supplying wide flat spray nozzles and deflected spray nozzles for use in applications where a very wide spray pattern is required. These can include damping moving products (e.g., cleaning fruit and vegetables) or dust control.

About Wide Flat Spray Nozzles

Our Type CD3 Wide Flat Spray Nozzle and Deflected Spray DH Nozzle produce a very wide spray pattern of up to 165 degrees, and are able to be used at lower operating pressures than most other types of nozzle.

The wide angle, low pressure flat spray pattern is created through water being projected onto a deflection surface, which produces an even spray that is capable of covering a large area in a mist effect. This makes wide flat spray nozzles and deflected spray nozzles ideal for use in any sort of application where wide coverage is required.

In addition, the orifice is designed so as to minimise the risk of clogging, reducing maintenance downtime and increasing productivity.

Wide Flat Spray Nozzles — Variations

At Spraytech Systems, we supply the CD3 Flat Spray Wide Nozzle and Deflected Spray DH Nozzle. There are a range of options available in terms of size, spray angle, etc., depending on the application and environment in which they are being used.

Thread sizes BSPT(M)

⅛″, ¼″, ⅜″, ½″, ¾″, 1″

Spray angle

84˚ to 165˚

Capacity (litres per minute)

0.23 to 410

Pressure (bar)

0.2 to 4.0

Type CD3 nozzles and DH tips provide a very wide spray pattern up to 160 degrees, suitable for damping or wetting a moving product or air stream. Design operating pressures are generally lower than for other types of nozzles.

Rated flows are from 0.3 L/minute to 410 L/minute; operating pressures from 0.2 Bar to 4 Bar; spray angle is up to 165 degrees depending on supply pressure.

Thread connections for Type CD3 are from 1/8″ to 1″ BSPT male.

To order: specify thread size, nozzle type, capacity code or required flow rate and operating pressure, and material of construction eg 1/4CD3-10S.

Spraytech Systems – Your Wide Flat Spray Nozzles Provider

We have one of the most extensive ranges of wide flat spray nozzles and deflected spray nozzles in Australia. Contact us Spraytech Systems on (08) 9259 4350 for expert advice on finding the right wide flat spray nozzle specification for the job.