Self Cleaning Nozzles Type CD6

Spraytech Systems specialises in the supply of self-cleaning nozzles that provide low maintenance operation and high levels of productivity across a variety of applications.

Self-cleaning nozzles can be configured to produce either a well-defined flat jet or a high impact needle jet, and feature an internal spring that opens the nozzle jet when pressure is released, purging built up sediment and solids and preventing clogging. We also supply self-cleaning nozzles that feature a double opposed spray.

About Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Self-cleaning nozzles offer a range of operating benefits. Firstly, they provide uninterrupted operation, as no downtime is required for cleaning as is the case with ordinary static filters. In turn, this leads to lower running and maintenance costs, as spray nozzles and seals are protected by the filter and are less subject to wear, meaning they have a longer service life.

Our self-cleaning nozzles are found in industries across Australia, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. These include paper mills, manufacturing, textiles and chemicals. Self-cleaning nozzles are also widely used in the mining and metallurgy industries, as well as food production and water purification.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles — Variations

Thread size BSPM


Capacity (litres per minute)

1.0 to 62.3

Pressure (bar)

3.0 to 60.0

Spray angles

0°, 45°, 60°, 80°


stainless steel (AISI 303 or AISI 316)

Self Cleaning nozzles type CD6 have an internal spring to open the nozzle jet when pressure is released, to purge sediment and buildup. Machined in 316 SS, the thread size is generally M28x1.5; 3/4BSPM is also available. Flow rates are from 1 L/ min to 62 L/ min at operating pressures of between 3 and 60 Bar, spray angles 0, 45, 60 and 80 degrees; opposed spray jets using double the listed water quantity are also available.

To order specify thread size, nozzle type, capacity code or flow rate and operating pressure, spray angle and whether the opposed spray option is required.

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