Automatic Spray Gun

The PA automatic spray gun range may be fitted with any of the air atomising spray set-ups listed. They allow on-off control of liquid spray by operation of an intenal air operated piston, which can cycle at a rate of up to 100 cycles per minute. (For high-speed operation, a miniature 3-port/ 2-way electric solenoid valve in the controls air circuit is recommended, and a reduced stroke adjustment needle Type PA1-RA is available).

Controls air pressure is recommended to be 2.5 to 3 Bar (35 – 45 psi ; 250 – 300 kPa).

Connections are 1/4″BSP female for atomising air (A) and liquid (L); select one of two inlets 1/8″BSP female for controls air. Operation is from the normally closed position.

Available in nickel plated brass or stainless steel AISI grades 303 or 316. Internal gaskets are of PTFE “Teflon”.

The automatic spray gun depicted is type PA1. The following models can also be purchased on request:

  • PA3 – compact model, about 10mm shorter and 10mm smaller in diamerter
  • PAA1 – with clean out needle
  • PAA3 – compact model with clean out needle
  • PA1-RA – includes shutoff needle and stroke adjustment for rapid spray cycling
  • PA1-CR – with heating chamber for sprayed liquid
  • PA3-P – with 300mm extension for spray tip
  • PA2 – for hydraulic pressure spraying using conventional spray tips
  • PA4 – compact model, for hydraulic pressure spraying using conventional spray tips