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Interesting Industry Applications for Spray Nozzles

The humble spray nozzle doesn’t get a lot of attention but its applications are widespread and often go unrecognised. But life would be very different if we didn’t have them. So here are a few industrial applications that spray nozzles are used for.

The car & truck wash

Yes, the humble car wash that every kid loves and every adult still secretly enjoys. It wouldn’t be the same without those powerful spray nozzles enveloping your car until you think it’s going to obliterate you into a thousand pieces. That is until the water disappears and the spray nozzles start blowing air at your car so hard that you think the windows will break. Then it’s all done and you emerge from this specialised spa treatment for your car, all clean and shiny, well at least your car does, and you can’t help but think that that kind of treatment would work on humans as well. Where do you think spas got their specialised shower ideas from?

Road sprayers

When you’re stuck on the road waiting for the road construction worker to wave you through, have you ever watched those trucks going up and down spraying water on the road bed? They are there to stop the clouds of dust produced which would otherwise cover your car. And if you weren’t quick enough with the recirculation button on your controls, dust could even get inside your car making you cough and sneeze!

Field and road markings

Do you think all those markings on sports fields and roads are made by people with a paint brush? No way. Those are nozzles doing their thing, spraying paint evenly and slowly to make sure our rugby fields and tennis courts don‘t look like a 2-year old with a crayon drew the lines. Also, imagine if our road markings were done by hand, drivers would be swerving all over the place just to make sure they stayed in their lanes. Yes, those humble nozzles play a bigger part in our lives than you could ever imagine.


When it’s in the middle of an Aussie summer heatwave and you’re enjoying a drink with your mates, but that cold one is not doing its job and you think you’re going to melt into a glob of beer-flavoured human gloop. Suddenly a cool mist descends on you like manna from heaven, making the heat dissipate and putting you in an altogether better mood. Yes, those nozzles are spraying fine mist and cooling everything down.

Bitumen Spraying

That nice smooth road surface you enjoy driving on, is created by trucks using special nozzles that can spray an even layer of hot, liquid tar. Before these nozzles came along, creating an even surface on our roads was a very difficult, time consuming and almost impossible task. Now we can create the surface our high powered cars need.

Whether it’s cleaning your car or a fine mist spray on a hot summer’s day, a smooth road or an evenly marked sports field, the applications of nozzles in our lives are endless and indispensable.

If you need any kind of nozzle whatsoever, contact your local specialists, they’ve got it all.

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