Flat Spray Tips C1

Flat spray tips Type C1 are assembled with the standard tip assembly components and accessories and provide similar performance to the Type C2 and C3 flat spray nozzles.

Select the required nozzle capacity from the table – the flow rate for a particular operating pressure. The full range of spray angles is available for most sizes: 0 – 15- 25 – 40- 50 ? 65 – 80 – 95 – 110 degrees. Very low flow nozzles marked with the asterisk * are available in only 0 and 65 degree spray angles.


  • Washing carpet cleaning machines
  • Lubricating production line conveyors
  • Surface treatment
  • Cooling
  • Humidifying

To order, specify nozzle type, capacity code (or flow rate and operating pressure); model number, spray angle and material – e.g. C1-015/ 110 BRASS