Deflected Hollow Cone Nozzle Type A5

Spraytech Systems supplies a range of different industries across Australia with in-line deflected hollow cone nozzles for use in a variety of applications. Our nozzles produce a 360-degree hollow cone spray pattern, and are produced with different thread sizes, capacities and operating pressures.

About Deflected Hollow Cone Nozzles

Deflected Hollow Cone Nozzles produce wide coverage in a hollow cone spray pattern that has a ring-shaped impact area. They are designed so that the in-line water flow hits a deflector cap, which then breaks it into small droplets that are distributed evenly and at a wide spray angle. This means that deflected hollow cone nozzles are able to produce uniform spray distribution at a range of different flow rates and pressures.

Their design also means that deflected hollow cone nozzles are highly efficient and clog resistant, making them a low maintenance spray nozzle as well.

They are versatile and have a number of different applications, such as:

  • flushing and cleaning pipes and tubes
  • flushing and cleaning tanks
  • fire protection systems
  • dust control
  • exhaust cleaning
  • cooling

Deflected Hollow Cone Nozzles — Variations

At Spraytech Systems, our deflected hollow cone nozzles come with different thread sizes, capacities and operating pressures:

Thread sizes BSP(M)

⅜″, ½″ and ¾”

Capacity (litres per minute)

0.67 to 65.8

Pressure (bar)

0.25 to 6.0

Spraytech Systems – Deflected Hollow Cone Nozzle Provider

Spraytech Systems has been in the business of spray nozzles for more than twenty years, and we specialise in supplying deflected hollow cone nozzles that can be used in a variety of industries and applications. To find out more about our complete range of spray nozzles, contact us on (08) 9259 4350.