Bitumen Spraying

Bitumen Spray Nozzles Designed for Better Application

Supplier of industry standard and approved spray nozzle equipment

Spraytech Systems supplies spray nozzles for liquid tar, binders and sealers, bitumen emulsion, and modified polymers for the asphalt paving industry.

We stock a comprehensive range of Copley nozzles designed specifically to spray bitumen to suit most spray bars and application rates. Bitumen spray nozzles by Copley are approved by Austroads and the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association. The use of these nozzles is required by road making authorities throughout Australia. These nozzles, engineered specifically for bitumen spraying, are available with various orifice sizes to give different rates of application – specially designed end nozzles are also available.

Bitumen spray nozzles manufactured by Copley to meet this specification are marked A, B or S (plus an E to show End Nozzles) followed by two numbers for the capacity size.

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